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this guy dropped everything and booked a one way flight to Hawaii because he saw a couple pictures on the internet and thought it would be cool to live there and never went back. today he took us hiking and told us his whole life story.  “just remember that fortune favors the bold” is what he told us.

I’ve met SO many people who do this ^^ They are all over Hawaii. And honestly, they sleep in vans, they surf all day, they do nothing and they end up nowhere. He probably never went back because he can’t afford a ticket anymore. They run $650+ for a one way. It seems so romanticized and adventurous, but it is a waste of time and life. There are SO many places which are beautiful and have opportunity and there are SO many things you can do with your life. When I meet people like this and they still have the sparkle in their eye, I feel bad because they haven’t realized that their problems aren’t going to disappear just because they are on a rock in the middle of the pacific. 

this guy has a well paying job, lives on his own in an apartment he bought with his own money that he earned while working in Hawaii and loves the life he lives everyday. it’s 100% possible to do what you want.